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Secursafe Group is a hallmark of integrated security, merging Secursafe, Alpha, and Syria into a single solid consortium. This partnership allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services from facility management to surveillance, and from personal and corporate security to investigations.

Group Companies

Specialized in security, surveillance
and cybersecurity services

Specialized in facility
management services

Specialized in
investigative services

Built on a solid two-decade foundation of expertise and knowledge, our group is dedicated to providing top-tier, highly professional services.

Our aim is to provide a wide array of specialized services that ensure not just protection but also peace of mind and total customer satisfaction. Operating within stringent regulatory standards, we’re equipped to efficiently and accurately meet your security needs, no matter what they entail.

Opting for Secursafe Group means choosing a partner that places your safety and well-being at the forefront of its priorities.

Our mission

Safety and
Peace of Mind
with Secursafe

At the core of everything we do is our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. We fully understand the critical importance of maintaining a secure and protected environment for our clients and are always ready to adapt to the evolving challenges in the security landscape.

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Secursafe Group

Secursafe provides a varied range of services, consistently delivering professionalism and quality.
We fully adhere to legal requirements and possess all necessary authorizations to operate in our field.


Our foremost objective is to provide top-tier expertise and professionalism by employing personnel with backgrounds in the Ministry of Defense.


A fundamental pillar of Secursafe’s approach, our integrity is guided by profound ethical and professional values and a stringent code of conduct.

Lessons Learned Analysis

We constantly enhance our services and operational skills by reviewing and updating our practices based on the lessons learned in the field.

Certifications & Authorizations

We not only meet but exceed industry standards through our comprehensive accreditations, showcasing our dedication to excellence. Our credentials include IMO STCW training, maritime security certifications, and advanced technical expertise.

  • Panamanian Seaman Book
  • S.S.A. Ship Security Awareness
  • S.S.O. Ship Security Officer
  • APR-ENAC A1 and A3 for Drone Use
  • Transport of Explosive Substances
  • Explosive Detection and Recognition
  • Escort for Special Cargo Transport
  • Drivers with Licenses for Valuable Goods Transport
  • Combat Life Saver
  • Handling of Small Arms
  • Knowledge of Weapons and Ammunition
  • Knowledge of International Legal Standards
Our strengths

24/7 availability

Diligent and consistent service, around the clock, every day.


Two decades of specialized expertise in the industry.

Tailored Know-How

Each solution is bespoke, crafted specifically for you.

Dedicated Support

Steadfast and attentive assistance for every need.

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Your Security,
Our Priority

Security has never been more accessible; whether you require personal, family, or corporate security solutions, Secursafe is here for you.
Benefit from our tailored services to meet every need, with the confidence of entrusting industry professionals.

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