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SECOLO d’Italia Article of 04/12/23

Milan, Merchants in Galleria Under Siege by Thieves and Violence, Tired of Waiting for Sala, They Hire Vigilantes

Milan is fearful: besieged by hardened criminals and violence. In the grip of relentless robbers and pickpockets, it records a worrying increase in thefts and robberies concentrated in recent months, especially in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Piazza Duomo. The latest incident reported in the news occurred just last night, when a 23-year-old German was robbed and assaulted, coincidentally, in Piazza Duomo… A criminal surge, now a daily occurrence in Milan, has prompted merchants belonging to the “Il Salotto di Milano” association (Confcommercio) to take matters into their own hands by hiring security personnel.

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